Sivota is a nice bay at the S/E side of Lefkas just around the Meganisi channel .Is a place with  many tavernas cafes and touristic shops .You can have a pleasant stay enjoying the flavors of the traditional tavernas with the nice view of the bay .Good shelter , good holding


Approach Sivota       (38°36’87N / 020°41’52Ε WGS84 )

The entrance at Sivota bay is not easily identified.During the summer season you will see a lot of boats going in and out of the bay .From S you will see a glass house at the S/W side of the entrance and a hotel’s quay with flags , straight forward is the entrance . From N you have to sail around Poros peninsula and just after Poros bay you will meet the entrance of Sivota bay.




At Sivota you have many options . At the first floating pontoon that you will meet on your port side go stern or along side-to .Care must be taken at the E side of this pontoon , the chains which are holding it  are in a wide angle to it and the result is some blocked anchors every season . At the town quay go stern or bows-to with anchor or with lazy line which usually can be found at the spots in front of tavernas .Care must be taken at the depths close to the quay and at the lazy lines which are floating for the local boats . A few other floating pontoons which are managed from the tavernas owners provide lazy lines , electricity and water .Usually there is no charge for these but you have to visit their tavernas.Sivota is very popular and gets crowded during the summer season .Alternatively anchor off with care at the depths which drop off quickly .Good shelter , good holding .Care must be taken at Easterlies

fuel / water / electricity   available
chandleries available
repairs N/A
supply stores super markets , bakeries
laundry N/A
garbage disposal bins at quay
moto & car rental N/A
tavernas & cafes many options
banks / atm N/A