Advantages of Skippered Sailing Holidays in Kefalonia

We can provide for charter with a skipper in Kefalonia and other Ionian islands as Lefkas and Corfu a sailing boat, catamaran or motor yacht.

Skippered charter is the holiday for non expierienced sailors, families etc. We can provide you skippered sailing boat (yacht) charter to Sail in Kefalonia and in Ionian sea which is one of the safest and most enjoyable sailing destinations in Europe.

Our skippers are locals who know excellent the coast of Kefalonia, the Ionian Islands and the Ionian Sea. They know about of all favourite spots and they will take you there.

A skippered sailing holiday in Kefalonia, Lefkas and around the orther islands (Ithaca, Zakynthos, Meganisi etc) offers you the absolute freedom, flexibility, comfort and diversity. You set the pace and the schedule can change if you find something interesting along the way or if you like a particular island.

Skippered boat (yacht) charter gives you not only the reassurance and confidence to have the sailing holiday of a lifetime but the flexibility too, gives you the freedom to experience and enjoy your holiday exactly how you want to.

Skippered charter has many advantages for families that want the experience of a sailing holiday without the pressure of looking after the boat. The skipper will happily help you choose a route that suits you and make sure that you have a stress free and comfortable cruise around Kefalonia and other close Ionian Islands. This holiday gives you the freedom to do exactly what you want, whether it be swimming, snorkelling, exploring caves or having a siesta in the shade. This option is especially popular with families with young children.

Other advantage of skippered charter is that all of our skippers are happy to teach. No matter your experience you can learn as much as you like at your own pace. If you decide you would like to learn to park a boat,you can! The flexibility is what makes this such a good holiday option no pressure and no timetable to run your trip by.

Sailing yacht charter with skipper

Sailing yacht charter in Kefalonia with skipper

Your route is not fixed, you are free to change the plans on a day to day basis. You can choose to go around Kefalonia or to sail into Southern Ionian and the islands of Ithaca, Lefkas, Skorpios, Meganissi, Kalamos, Kastos etc. The Southern Ionian region has many Islands that are close together resulting in flat seas which is ideal for novices and the less experienced.

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Sailing boat rental in Kefalonia
For your skippered sailing holidays in Kefalonia and Ionian Islands rent a sailing boat (yacht), catamaran or motor yacht  with a skipper in Kefalonia, Lefkas or Corfu with us!