Lefkas town or Lefkada town ( Λεύκας , Λευκάδα ) is the best place to start your sailing holidays . Lefkas is in the middle of the Ionian sea and very close to many  sotherly destinations such as Ithaca , Kefalonia , Meganisi .Is very easy to find hardware stores and chandleries , fuel , water  and any kind of provisions . The most of  charter companies who are operating in the Ionian are based in Lefkas  .



Approach Lefkas channel from   (38° 50’79Ν / 020°43’42Ε WGS84 )

Approaching from the North can be tricky especially if there are NW winds with the afternoon breeze , which cause a difficult swell around the entrance of the channel .Yachts should get all sail off before entering the channel . A long sand spit defining the N side of the channel and the south is marked by a series of red buoys . After rounding the sand bank , the channel turns S after 200 metres and the floating bridge is dead ahead. The bridge opens on the hour every hour ( between 2100 and 0600 you will need to  call the bridge operator on VHF Ch 12 ). The bridge opening is signified by the sounding of a siren  and  observing the usual port-to-port rule .If arriving before the bridge opens, it is possible to tie up alongside   If it is not very busy and not windy , it is possible with care to drop anchor temporarily on the ‘bend’ of the channel


Approach Lefkas channel from S  ( 38° 47’54Ν  / 020° 43’58E WGS84 )

From the S the entrance to the channel is easy as long as you identify the first set of three pairs of port and starboard buoys which mark the entrance to the canal.The Venetian fort 200-250 metres to starboard of the canal  is a useful landmark from distance .Is important to stay between the buoys because the the channel passes between some dangerous rocks on the starboard side and the remains of a ruined breakwater to port .



Lefkas Town offers moorings bows or stern-to using the anchor on a rather busy and crowded town quay . Go stern-to the NE or E quay . The first 200m from the wall which protects the N side of the channel is available for visiting yachts .Shelter is good although strong E or S winds can make it uncomfortable and even dangerous at times .The 620-berth Lefkas Marina is another option .


fuel / water / electricity   in Lefkas marina , only fuel by truck at town quay
 chandleries  in the marina & many in the town
repairs in the marina & many companies in the town
 supply stores  S/M in the marina and many in the town
 laundry  in the marina
garbage disposal bins in the marina & bins around the town quay
moto & car rental a few across the road at th town quay
tavernas & cafes many with any kind of options
banks / atm in the town