Gaios is the main harbour of Paxos and it is one of the most populat destinations in Ionian thats why  gets really busy during the summer season especially in August.


Approach Gaios from   (39° 12’17Ν / 020°11’31Ε WGS84 )

Approach from N is free of dangers .The entrance is not easily identified until you sail close between the islet of Panagia and Ak Kivari .The lighthouse on islet Panagia is easily identified and will guide you  straight to the entrance .Care needed to the numerous boats which are going in and out of the harbour during the day in summer season .


Approach Gaios from S  ( 39°11’47Ν  / 020° 11’19E WGS84 )

Approach from S is free of dangers .The entrance of the harbour is easily identified .Care needed while passing the entrance as the max depth at some spots is 1.8m.Keep your  course in the middle of the entrance with minimum speed as possible .



Go stern or bows-to wherever you can find a space .The place gets very busy during the summer season & especially in August so if you want to have a possibility to get a space at the town quay you have to arrive before 1500. There is not much space for proper anchoring at some spots of the quay and you have to take your bows close to islet Ay Nikolaos to drop your anchor . Crossed anchors also is something that happens a lot in this place .If you don’t find a space at the quay alternatively go stern-to with long line to the N side of Ay Nikolaos or anchor of at the W side of the harbour just outside the entrance between Ay Nikolaos islet and Paxos. Very good shelter , good holding . Care needed on southerlies which make the place uncomfortable and dangerous at times

Fuel / water / electricity   water & electricity at some spots of the quay , diesel by truck
 Chandleries available
Repairs available
 Supply stores super market , bakeries
 Laundry  available
Garbage disposal bins close the quay
Moto & car rental available
Tavernas & cafes many with any kind of options
Banks / atm in the town